Smart U-TAD

Smart U-TAD is a smart city prototype deployed in a smaller space, a university campus. The system offers information services to students, teachers and university staff adapted to new technologies and mobile devices.


U-TAD’s main building

Despite being developed as a Percepción testing scenario, the solution is exportable to any type of venue and even entire cities.

Percepcion_Map(Levels) 295

Smart U_TAD App

Smart U_TAD can be deployed on any environment, including shopping malls, factories and cultural events such as concerts or congresses. The bundled services include:

  • Indoor maps with detailed information of each of the spaces.
  • Indoor location using our own researched technology
  • Combined navigation between indoor and outdoor places
  • Search spaces or amenities
  • Amenities reservation / booking
  • Human / device speech interactivity
  • Augmented reality environment
  • QR code readingAlarm system, i.e. crowds detection