Internet of Things Platform

Internet of Things (IoT) will transform the vast majority of our daily activities. The IoT Revolution has come to the citizen through wearable technology and also through the machines that surround us in our own home. Nowadays, we can not only communicate with other people, but we can also interact with remote machines and even let them communicate with each other.

  • There are 1,300 million IoT devices, by 2020 this figure will be 12,500 million.
  • Before 2020, the number of these devices will exceed the number of mobile phones and generate more data connections.
  • In the coming years, the market for technologies of communication between machines will have an annual growth of 23%
  • IoT devices will reduce CO2 emissions by 9.1 gigatons also in 2020, this 15% of current emissions worldwide.

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But for this new revolution to occur, we must be able to serve to a large number of devices requiring bandwidth and data storage. SmartWays is an IoT platform that provides connectivity between devices, stores the data originated by them and displays graphical information after processing it.